Covid 19 Burnout working at home

For many workers, their new “normal” routine consists
of getting out of bed and logging on to work. The
coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has
shifted the workplace from the office to kitchen tables
and living rooms for thousands of employees.
This shift to telecommuting has made it possible for
employees to work while staying safe and preventing
the spread of COVID-19, but it has also created a few
challenges, including increased levels of stress and

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your
stress, and your risk of burnout, while you work from
home. Here are some simple tips to try:
 Create a schedule—When you’re at home, it
can be difficult to step away from work when
your day is done, which often results in you
working longer hours than normal. Set a
schedule and only work the hours your normally
would if you were in the office.
 Plan and prioritize—When you’re feeling
stressed out, don’t panic. Make a list of the
tasks you need to complete, and set realistic
 Set up a separate workspace—One way to make
it easier to maintain a work-life balance while
you’re working from home is to set up a space
where you’ll work. This will help you
decompress from work when your day is done.
 Focus on what you can control—You know what
your job tasks are. Break the larger tasks into
smaller, more doable steps.
 Take breaks throughout the day—Getting a
change of scenery and a brief break during the
workday can help you clear your mind and
reduce your stress.
 Slow down—When you have a lot of tasks
looming over you, it can be tempting to hurry
through them just to get them off your plate.
Rushing through tasks, though, can cause you to
feel more stressed and increase the odds of
mistakes being made. Take a deep breath when
you start to get overwhelmed, and slow down.
 Maintain a good attitude—Try to think
positively about tasks at work—avoid negative
thinkers and always acknowledge your
accomplishments, even if it’s just by mentally
congratulating yourself.
 Ask for help—Sometimes the best way to
overcome your workplace stress is to ask peers
or your superiors for help.

We care about your wellbeing, stay healthy, safe and stress free !