We appreciate our clients and love it when they reach out to share a positive experience they have had with our team!

Below are samples of the kind words we receive often!

“Amber & her team are outstanding!!

The first time around I did all the leg work myself to get my medical, dental, & vision insurance set up. What a nightmare; hours wasted with the Washington state red tape & state workers who seemed more lost then I was. 

The following year & every year since I have had the pleasure of asking Amber to set up my insurance needs. Amber has set everything up perfectly & in record time, even offering insight & alternatives beyond my request & needs. 

No hours on the phone, mutable calls with the need to explain again what my needs are each time. No red tape to dig my way out of! 

I do not have the words to express the peace of mind & confidence their service has provided to me!! Thank you just isn’t enough!!”

Michael Williams
Individual client

I wanted to take a minute to thank both of you for your outstanding service to our company. I am blessed to have such great people to work with.”

Lisa Maloney
Leif’s Auto Centers

“Joni and Amber with INA have for a number of years have been Fairway Collections’ agent for group dental insurance, and more recently for our group medical coverage. They have been pro-active in helping our staff understand coverages and in ensuring both the company and its employees minimize our out of pocket medical and dental expenses. We appreciate what Joni and Amber do for Fairway throughout the year to give us peace of mind.”

Greg Luhn
Fairway Collections

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I value Amber and her knowledge and ability to perform her job in the Insurance industry.  She has been a wonderful help and support to me during a time in my life where there was a lot going on and being able to rely on her to help me make the best possible decision when it came to my healthcare was a great stress reliever.  Amber is always quick to respond to my questions and or needs.  

I have sense referred her contact info to a few of my friends and will continue to do so when people are in need of an insurance representative.  

People aren’t often get recognized for the good they do, especially in an area that can be sensitive and controversial for some.  I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I value Amber as my healthcare insurance rep and you are very fortunate to have someone like her working for you.

Cathy A.

At a time when our small office was looking for answers specific to options regarding group benefit coverage, Amber was relentless in doing research; giving us viable options, and helped explained those to us so that we could clearly make an intelligent decision. Subsequently, she has worked closely with us as our demographics change and we look for new cost effective options. She doesn’t lose track of our needs, and makes us feel we matter.

Pat B.

Thank you, Amber!  I’ll miss working with you, but will definitely say hi every now and then.  Thank you so much for your kind and gracious manner and certainly for being so patient with me. We’ve never met personally, but I perceive from our phone conversations and your emails that you have a very beautiful spirit – of course, it comes through from your pic on the email as well.  I just sense a graciousness about you that is genuine and innately real.

 Pastor Jean